ARTIEYE Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Technology Suite

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) reduce the number of car accidents related to driver drowsiness and distraction, and make roads safer for everyone. DMS systems use an in-cabin video camera to observe the driver, and to help the driver stay more alert by alarming them when it recognizes lack of attention to the road ahead and potentially dangerous situations.

The complete, in-house developed ARTIEYE DMS Technology Suite enables fast and efficient development of fully customized computer vision based AI DMS systems. It includes HW/SW intellectual property, developed test data sets, biomedically established ground truth sets of data, data collection procedures for simulation lab and test fleets on open roads, Machine Learning methods, optimization of neural networks, hardware equipment for advanced Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations with synthetically generated and road recorded drivers, as well as embedded hardware implementations. The available embedded hardware implementation fits in the smallest AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+™ ZU1CG.

ARTIEYE users may license, or even buy out the complete technology suite or parts of it. Besides the existing off-the-shelf parts, Xylon offers design services for system tuning and other flexible cooperation models.

Technology Benefits

  • Complete computer vision AI technology suite
  • Biomedically proven early warning for driver sleepiness
  • Visual, manual and cognitive distraction monitoring
  • All R&D phases integration – from data collection to inferred neural networks
  • AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+™ adaptive SoC-based development platform
  • Fits in the smallest Zynq™ UltraScale+™ ZU1CG device

Business Benefits

  • Fully control your own DMS system
  • Expandable for future AI applications
  • Flexible licensing and buyout models
  • Speed up time to market, save on R&D costs
  • Work with a reliable and skilled partner

Meet the ARTIEYE, a complete technology solution with hardware and software IPs, data sets, neural networks optimization and embedded hardware implementation.

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As a reliable business partner, Xylon offers flexible licensing, purchasing and other modes of cooperation. Predefined DMS elements save years of development and enable future growth.

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Xylon assembled an interdisciplinary team of experts in traffic science, driving human behavior and cognitive science, with a goal of establishing bio-medically proven levels of a driver’s drowsiness and distraction.

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Under a different name, the ARTIEYE project was launched more than 10 years ago. We don’t believe in instant solutions, so we’ve learned more about the evolutionary process of building the ARTIEYE DMS suite.

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