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License or own the source code, skip years of internal developments and take full control over your sensitive products!

Since the company’s foundation in 1995, Xylon has been operating globally and strives to provide high-class support to our customers. We have been pioneers in the world of intellectual property trading. Our IP cores, collected under the brand logicBRICKS, enable users to stay a step ahead of the competition, by designing them faster, with less risk and smaller costs.

The ARTIEYE Technology Suite is our new product that is designed similar to its successful predecessor – the logicBRICKS IP library. The suite is modular and contains all system parts and technological processes needed for development of in-cabin vision AI applications. Many of the suite’s modules can be used in general AI developments as well.

Users of the ARTIEYE Technology Suite avoid dependence on standard “black box” third-party solutions designed in a general way. Such solutions share the common platform available to everyone, which makes the final product’s differentiation harder to achieve, and it comes with a lack of control on the user company’s side!

ARTIEYE users may license, or buy out the complete technology suite or parts of it. Besides the existing off-the-shelf parts, Xylon offers design services for system tuning and other flexible cooperation models. As a reliable business partner, Xylon offers flexible licensing, purchasing and other modes of cooperation. Predefined DMS elements save years of development and enable future growth.

“By intensively working on driver monitoring technology for the past 10 years, we’ve been dealing with all the challenges that AI developers are faced with today”, said Xylon’s founder and CEO Davor Kovacec. “The solutions that came as a direct result of that experience helped us make the ARTIEYE a comprehensive technology suite that speeds up time to market and saves on R&D costs by allowing developers to quickly customize and adopt the provided modules for different in-cabin applications.”

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