Project Journey


2022 – Xylon shapes the complete Driver Monitoring Technology Suite with different modules – from labs and lab procedures design, through Machine Learning, to complete edge AI implementations. Though primarily focused on Driver Drowsiness and Distraction monitoring, the complete suite and its parts can be quickly reused in other types of in-cabin or general AI applications.


2020–2022 – The COVID-19 global pandemic causes delays in project development due to the impossibility of conducting laboratory and road measurement. Despite the difficult working conditions, Xylon’s and partners’ teams manage to achieve set goals and successfully close this stage of Research & Development.


2018 – Xylon’s new, AI-based Driver Drowsiness and Distraction Detector project is selected for co-funding by the European Union. For purposes of increasing the development of new products and services resulting from research and development activities, Xylon receives €1.8M from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion.


2016–2017 – The Driver Drowsiness detector is continually tested on roads, and improved to provide better quality results.

With our partners Xilinx (now part of AMD) and Visage Technologies, we demonstrate an improved version at embedded world 2017:


2015 – On top of the first product for face detection and tracking, Xylon develops the company’s first computer vision-based driver drowsiness detector – the logiDROWSINESS IP Suite as part of the logicBRICKS IP library. At the same time, Xylon develops its measurement optical camera system suitable for driver fatigue monitoring during night driving, while wearing sunglasses and during other road and weather conditions.

Check out this video clip to see the Driver Drowsiness Detection in action:


2014 – Xylon teams up with the company Visage Technologies to adapt their face detection and face tracking technology for use in the embedded electronics domain. The first implementation is running on the AMD Zynq™ 7000 Adaptive SoC. The Face Detector and Tracker is marketed under the company’s brand logicBRICKS by Xylon.

Check out this video clip to see the initial product in operaton: